Excellent job by India in reducing COVID-19 related deaths by clamping lockdown: Indian-American doc


India has done an excellent job in reducing coronavirus-related deaths by imposing a nationwide lockdown to combat the deadly virus that has claimed over three lakh lives globally, according to an eminent Indian-American cardiologist . According to the Union Health Ministry, India currently has over 1,82,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 5,164 deaths. According to the World Health Organisation’s COVID-19 tracker, India is the seventh most affected country in terms of coronavirus cases after the US, Brazil, Russia, UK, Spain and Italy.

The US is the worst-hit country with 1.79 million cases and over one lakh deaths, and over three lakh deaths and over 6.15 million infections globally. Tennessee-based Dr Indranil Basu Ray said in a statement that a recent Columbia University study that supports the idea that deaths are prevented by earlier lockdowns reflects the fact that the Narendra Modi government has imposed lockdowns. Did an excellent job in closing. This modeling study showed that if New York had started the lockdown even two weeks before the March 3 date, when deaths were around 65,000 – it could have been reduced to 50,000, said Dr Ray, a cardiologist and cardiac electrophysiologist. Said, who has also been a professor. of medicine and public health at several universities in the US and India.

The lockdown in India was first imposed on March 25 and extended for 21 days, while the second phase began on April 15 and extended for 19 days till May 3. The third phase of the lockdown was in effect for 14 days and ended on May 17. The fourth phase ended on May 31. Till March 24, 512 coronavirus infection cases were registered in the country. “My opinion for India would be to gradually open up space to people who are not hotspots. Determining the areas of opening can be based on a number of factors…,’ Dr Ray said. A slow and step-by-step approach may also be taken with the inevitable changes, he said, as India will continue the nationwide lockdown in containment zones till June 30, but listed broad relaxations in a phased manner from June 8. New guidelines of the Union Home Ministry to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic issued on Saturday.

He said the hotspots would need to be placed under an extended lockdown, but increased testing along with isolation is imperative to contain the rapid spread. This may be especially possible because the geographic hotspots appear to be far away, based on official data. More than 80 percent of active cases are in five states – Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh – and more than 60 percent of cases are in five cities including Mumbai, Delhi and Ahmedabad. Dr Ray said these hotspots should maintain at least a partial lockdown state and enforce strict social distancing to prevent large-scale spread and mass deaths of the elderly and the sick.

According to Dr Ray, it is necessary to follow scientific guidelines but open up the economy to minimize further financial calamity. He said that India is a country where lakhs of people are still below poverty line and few million are lower middle class who depend on day to day earning to provide two time meal to their family and children. Our knowledge of what COVID-19 has largely changed on what we knew before. With COVID-19 being a new disease, much was unknown about the disease, he said, including the strategy of maintaining physical distance, washing hands and trying to avoid touching your face, especially Including wearing a mask in crowded places, can minimize the spread.

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